Level up your data analytics fast

Oxla is a next-gen hybrid storage, distributed database that allows more than 10 times faster operations than existing solutions such as Snowflake & BigQuery and up to 70% infrastructure cost reduction.

A Deep Dive into Our Core Technology

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Data Management Simplified

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple databases and ETLs. Oxla integrates real-time and offline analytical capabilities into one seamless solution.

Simple Solution, Powerfull Performance

Experience lightning-fast performance without losing scalability. Run complex queries on a cluster effortlessly, with performance surpassing traditional real-time solutions.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Oxla is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack. Utilizing PostgreSQL wire protocol and SQL dialect ensures compatibility with popular tools, data science notebooks, and backend libraries.

Effortless Excellence in Operations

Enjoy optimal performance without the need for extensive expertise. Oxla dynamically selects the best strategy for each operation based on real-time data distribution.

Efficient, Reliable, Scalable – Your All-in-One Database Solution

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Streamlined Node Management

No more juggling the roles of manager and follower nodes. Oxla takes the hassle out of node management with its dynamic leader election process, ensuring smooth operation without any single points of failure.

Reliable Operations

With Oxla's automatic leader election powered by Raft, rest assured, knowing your database stays strong even if a leader node goes down. You can count on uninterrupted operations, giving you peace of mind.

Effortless Scalability

Oxla effortlessly scales to fit your needs. By spreading computations across the cluster and adapting query plans on the fly, Oxla guarantees top-notch performance, regardless of your data size or cluster scale.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Oxla lets you store your data on top-notch storage solutions like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and more. Enjoy the flexibility to scale your compute and storage independently, all while tapping into reliable and efficient storage options.

Streamlined Query Processing

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Real-time analytics made easy

Real-time analytics are a breeze with Oxla's optimized execution strategies and lightweight query planning, delivering results in milliseconds.

Efficient Query Handling

Oxla smoothly processes complex queries on large datasets through MPP without unnecessary caching.

Efficient Hardware Utilization

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Memory Bandwidth Maximization

Oxla addresses modern hardware limitations by prioritizing memory optimization and employing data compression and batch processing strategies to reduce data transfer loads and cache evictions.

Efficient Operations

With Oxla, memory-intensive tasks such as JOIN and GROUP BY are streamlined to minimize data access, while in-memory data representation is optimized for efficient cache utilization.

Smart Memory Management

Oxla's approach ensures that each processing stage maximizes available resources, utilizing memory bandwidth to its fullest potential and enhancing overall system performance.

Hyper-efficient data storage

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Decoupled Storage and Compute

Oxla supports distributed storage solutions like Azure Blob Storage and S3-compatible systems, enabling flexible deployment and independent scaling for cost savings while ensuring high data durability.

Optimized Data Format

Oxla utilizes a custom data format to minimize size, load operations, and memory usage during reading, optimizing query performance and system efficiency.

Deployment Simplified: Technical Ease and Efficiency

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Simple Deployment

Oxla simplifies setup by requiring server startup and cluster address listing, removing the need for separate configurations like leader/follower nodes or Zookeeper. With high insert throughput, batching inserts or queue clusters like Kafka are unnecessary.

No Need Manual Tuning Needed

Oxla achieves peak performance without user expertise or manual intervention. Prioritizing optimization during design ensures efficiency without the need for manual tuning, which can be inefficient due to automatic query tools' lack of database awareness.

Seamless PostgreSQL Transition: Technical Details

Engineering the Future of Data Analytics

Seamless Integration

Oxla simplifies integration by utilizing the PostgreSQL wire protocol and SQL dialect, enabling compatibility with existing backend libraries and popular data tools.

Minimal Learning Curve

Leveraging familiarity with PostgreSQL reduces the learning curve for Oxla adoption, eliminating the need for extensive training.

Automated Migration

Oxla streamlines the migration process with automated migrators, further simplifying transitions to the platform.

Empowering data driven industries

The flexibility of Oxla makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in today's technology-driven industries.


Business Inteligence

Automotive Industry

Supply Chain Management

Energy Management

Machine Learning

Online Gaming

Financial Services

E-commerce Optimization

Environmental Monitoring

User behavior analytics

Fraud prevention

Real Estate Management

Pharmaceutical Research

Retail Analytics



Transportation and Logistics

Marketing Analytics