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Oxla is committed to democratizing access to powerful data analytics. We offer two flexible free options to start empowering you to explore the platform and unlock the potential of your data:


Granular Control

Deploy Oxla directly on your infrastructure for complete customization and security. Ideal for organizations with in-house IT expertise seeking maximum control over their data environment


A free 1-core license granting access to core Oxla functionalities.

Comprehensive documentation and tutorials to facilitate a smooth learning experience.

Access to a vibrant developer community for peer support and collaboration.

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Oxla Cloud


Seamless Experience

Get started quickly and easily with our cloud-based platform. Leverage Oxla's managed infrastructure to focus on extracting actionable insights from your data.

Early Adopter Advantages:

Shape the future of data analytics by gaining exclusive access to Oxla's cutting-edge features in the beta program.

Priority Support & Hassle-Free Setup:
Get direct access to our technical team for dedicated support throughout the beta. Use Oxla Cloud without setting up infrastructure on your own machines, allowing you to focus on leveraging the platform's capabilities.

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No matter your choice, you'll gain access to:

High-Performance Processing

Experience lightning-fast data processing to accelerate your data analysis workflows.

Cost-Optimized Analytics

Reduce your data management costs and maximize the value you derive from your data assets.

Free to Start, Powerful at Scale

Experience the core functionalities of Oxla's advanced architecture at no upfront cost, scaling your deployment when needed.

Oxla Free Versions Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Self-Hosted and Oxla Cloud Beta?

Self-Hosted gives you full control over deployment on your own infrastructure. It's ideal for developers and teams comfortable with self-management. The Oxla Beta SaaS offers a cloud-based experience with managed infrastructure, perfect for focusing on data insights.

Is there a credit card required for either free option?

No credit card is required for either the Self-Hosted or the Oxla Cloud Beta versions.


What are the limitations of the free 1-core license?

The free license provides access to all core functionalities but limits processing power to a single CPU core. This is suitable for smaller datasets and learning the platform. Upgrading to a paid license with more machines/nodes unlocks greater processing power for larger datasets and complex workloads.

What kind of support is included with the free license?

The free license includes access to comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and a vibrant developer community for self-help and troubleshooting.

Oxla Cloud Beta

What are the benefits of joining the Oxla Beta SaaS program?

Beta participants gain early access to our latest features and the ability to shape the future of the platform. Additionally, you'll benefit from  a cloud-based experience with managed infrastructure, allowing you to focus on data analysis without managing the underlying infrastructure and full developer priority support.

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